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Beaver PhotoMy name is Scott Terry and I’m the author of Backwoods Resistance. I am a farmer by trade, a commentator, a lover of liberty and a backwoodsman. I have spent a great deal of time in the woods, from my native north east to the rocky mountain states, and ran a trap line in Alaska’s interior where the base of operations was 24 miles from the nearest highway. I enjoy teaching others survival and preparedness skills and I refuse to sit idle and allow our liberty, culture and property to be destroyed by  globalism, collectivism and the New World Order. I love the freedom and lifestyle of the rural life and want to preserve it and help you reach it as well.

This website covers a wide range of topics from current events, history, preparedness, survival and strategy.

My motto is summed up best… Remember the past. Prepare for the future. Never Submit.

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